My 3D Work

Updated 5/20/09

Demo Reel - May 2009

3D Modeling Demo Reel - May 2009 from Scott Ryan on Vimeo.

Demo Reel - September 2007

Clockwork Scarab - 2009

My Shinigami Secretary - 2009

Escher Ants - 2009

Prometheants - 2009

Grrmane The Inclement - 2008

DinoMask - 2008

Lou Romano - 2008

3D Modeling Challenge: Chameleon - 2008

Brisky Bear and Trooper Dog - 2008

Idiot Box Goes to School - 2007 (Boujou)


Portfolio (Flash)


My Qassia Site


My Vimeo Site
I've got many of the turntables and videos I've put up here and a few I haven't gotten around to on my Vimeo page.


My SketchLoader Site
I've begun loading a few still images here.


My Models For Sale
I've got a growing inventory of models I've made with Maya up for sale, plus a few for free.



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